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ni•ved•ya [sanskrit]

verb: to communicate, present, and deliver

SEO eBook.

"Google is getting smarter. They are finding ways to determine which content is created solely for traffic, and which content is verifiably aiming to reach an audience they can be a benefit to." -Chapter 3, SEO eBook.

You are a story teller.

You have a message.

Your brand is that message.

Search engine optimization combined with visually stunning websites are the only option.

Beauty, speed, and content strategy.
Mobile first designs in multiple platforms enhance your usability.

responsive web design displayed on multiple platforms

End result? Your brand embodies your vision, your vision moves your audience, and your audience builds your authority.

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Responsive Web Design.

  • High speed website design.
  • Built for your brand/product.
  • Mobile iOS app development.
  • Website compatible with mobile format.


  • Copywriting specific to target audience.
  • Creative writing for your brand.
  • SEO optimized copy revamp.
  • Content development.

Branding / Logo Design.


Project Management.

  • We build you a perfect team.
  • Projects meet deadlines.
  • Large scale projects stay organized and efficient.
  • Open communication, perfect end product.

Stand Alone Digital Media.

  • Custom icons for app or website blurb.
  • Custom infographics.
  • Motion graphic videos.
  • Photography.

Nivedya. helps present your story. Get In Touch